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Defeating HIV

NAPWHA is a key partner in Australia's coordinated response to HIV. Working with governments, the pharmaceutical industry, the research sector and other community-based organisations, NAPWHA ensures that the voices of people with HIV are heard at every level of the response.

NAPWHA is committed to action to reduce HIV infections in Australia and our region, and to improve the capacity of communities affected by HIV to participate in the response to the epidemic.

Book Review - Ten days with Minor

Positive Living article • Graham Stocks • 25 November 2011

Ten Days with Minor is a novel written by Nsedu Onyile, a Nigerian who migrated to the US, and is reviewed here by Graham Stocks. read more »

Zinc fingers make HIV-resistant T-cells

Positive Living article • Adrian Ogier • 24 November 2011

GeneThe most basic unit of genetic information. therapy that interferes with co-receptors on the surface of T-cells can protect these cells from HIV infection, and represents a potential first step toward a ‘functional cure’ for HIV. read more »

Cure researchers meet in Melbourne

Positive Living article • Adrian Ogier • 24 November 2011

An announcement earlier this year by the International AIDS Society (IAS) to start official research into finding a functional cure for HIV has been spearheaded by Professor Françoise Barré-Sinoussi. read more »

Our combo-prevention future

Positive Living article • Adrian Ogier • 24 November 2011
HIV in Australia

In his opening address at the conference, Graeme Brown, AFAO’s outgoing President, acknowledged the enormous challenges we are facing in Australia at the moment, midway through our Sixth National HIV Strategy. read more »

New trial needs volunteers

Positive Living article • Adrian Ogier • 24 November 2011
Defeating HIV

At the conference, Julian Elliot from The Burnet Institute in Melbourne spoke of our ‘combo-prevention future’, where a successful vaccine and cure could potentially end the epidemic. read more »

Australia should lead a global HIV prevention revolution

Story • Bill Whittaker • 13 October 2011

Australia's current National HIV strategy continues a lamentable drift away from setting bold, time-bound HIV prevention targets.

Bill Whittaker calls us to action. read more »

Australia must do better on HIV

Media release • 26 September 2011

The Australasian HIV/AIDS Conference opened today in Canberra with a bold challenge for Australia to up its game and reduce transmissions of HIV amongst men who have sex with men, by 80 per cent by 2015. read more »

NAPWHA's policy on research

Policy paper • Sean Slavin • 22 September 2011

NAPWHA regularly receives requests to endorse or support research in the area of HIV. Such support may take the form of active involvement as an investigatorA medical researcher in charge of carrying out a clinical trialA clinical trial is a research study to answer specific questions about vaccines or new therapies or new ways of using known treatments. Clinical trials are used to determine whether new drugs or treatments are both safe and effective. Carefully conducted clinical trials are the fastest and safest way to find treatments that work in people. Trials are in four phases: Phase I tests a new drug or treatment in a small group; Phase II expands the study to a larger group of people; Phase III expands the study to an even larger group of people; and Phase IV takes place after the drug or treatment has been licensed and marketed. 's protocolA study plan on which all clinical trials are based. The plan is carefully designed to safeguard the health of the participants as well as answer specific research questions. A protocol describes what types of people may participate in the trial; the schedule of tests, procedures, medications, and dosages; and the length of the study. While in a clinical trial, participants following a protocol are seen regularly by the research staff to monitor their health and to determine the safety and effectiveness of their treatment ., help in designing a research project or simply assistance with recruitment. NAPWHA recognises the importance of research to improving the health and well-being of PLHIVPerson (or people) Living with HIV. This term is now preferred over the older PLWHAPerson (or People) Living with HIV/AIDS.. and in most cases is willing to provide support where it is able. read more »

Australian trial may point to future cure

Positive Living article • Kirsty Machon • 1 September 2011

A groundbreaking study underway in Melbourne aims to show that a potential new HIV treatment is able to do what current antiretroviralsA medication or other substance which is active against retroviruses such as HIV. cannot: eradicate HIV from latently infected cells.

Kirsty Machon reports on some exciting new research. read more »

Bold New Plans

Positive Living article • Robert Mitchell • 1 September 2011

In June this year, I had the opportunity to the represent HIV positive people of Australia at a UN special session on HIV. The meeting coincided with the 30th anniversary of the first public report of AIDS in June 1981.

NAPWHA’s president, Robert Mitchell,reports back from the UN special session on HIV in New York. read more »

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