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Defeating HIV

NAPWHA is a key partner in Australia's coordinated response to HIV. Working with governments, the pharmaceutical industry, the research sector and other community-based organisations, NAPWHA ensures that the voices of people with HIV are heard at every level of the response.

NAPWHA is committed to action to reduce HIV infections in Australia and our region, and to improve the capacity of communities affected by HIV to participate in the response to the epidemic.

Report on female condom advocacy events by Femfatales members on the WAD 2011

Report • Graham Stocks • 5 April 2012

2011 WAD saw the Positive Women’snetwork heavily involved in awareness raising activities around the female condom. read more »

NAPWHA President's World AIDS Day 2011 Speech

Story • Graham Stocks • 5 April 2012
The global HIV epidemic

NAPWHA President (Robert Mitchell) spoke at the World AIDS DAY (WAD) function at the Sydney Opera House November 31st 2011. The event was attended by Governor General, the Health Minister and other dignitaries and received high media attention nationally and internationally. read more »

HIV Futures 7 deadline extended

Positive Living article • David Menadue • 8 March 2012

The deadline for completing the HIV Futures 7 survey has been extended to April 1, 2012.

This anonymous survey is a very important way that service providers and researchers can learn about changing trends in the lives of HIV positive Australians.

Go to and fill in the anonymous survey. read more »

Can we stop HIV now?

Positive Living article • David Menadue • 2 March 2012

David Menadue reports on how new technologies and scientific information could dramatically reduce HIV infections now. read more »

Revolutionising HIV Prevention and Maximising Treatment Impact in Australia

Discussion paper • Bill Whittaker • 1 December 2011

In this paper, Bill Whittaker proposes that Australia implement a series of new policy and program actions, supported by bold time-bound targets for achieving them, to revitalize our response to HIV. These actions are based on important developments in HIV prevention and treatment which this paper highlights, as well on the measures endorsed by all countries under the 2011 United Nations Declaration on HIV/AIDS. read more »

NAPWHA calls for Australia to eliminate HIV transmission, diagnoses by 2018

Media release • 1 December 2011

The National Association of People Living with HIV/AIDS (NAPWHA) is today calling for our nation to commit to adopting new technology to fight HIV transmission, with the goal of eliminating transmission and new diagnoses before the end of the decade. read more »

Where we are with rapid testing

Positive Living article • Adrian Ogier • 27 November 2011

The advent of point-of-care screening for HIV (also called ‘rapid testing’) has prompted the development of guidelines for its use in Australia as part of an updated testing policy. read more »

Do gay men want PrEP?

Positive Living article • Adrian Ogier • 26 November 2011

Over 1500 gay and bisexual Australian men were surveyed recently about what they thought of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) as an HIV prevention strategy.

Most were HIV negative (72%) or untested (20%) and a majority said they were interested in PrEP, with nearly 8 out of 10 saying they would be willing to take it to prevent getting HIV. read more »

Thanks for being observed

Positive Living article • Adrian Ogier • 25 November 2011
Defeating HIV

The Australian HIV Observational Database (AHOD) is an important monitor of trends in an iretroviral patterns and emerging health issues within the HIV community. read more »

Make your experience count

Positive Living article • Adrian Ogier • 25 November 2011

HIV Futures is a national survey of Australian people living with HIV conducted every two years by the Living with HIV program at the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society at La Trobe University.

It is an anonymous survey asking important questions about the health, treatments, work and financial situations of people with HIV in Australia. read more »

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