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Ugandan moralism damages struggle to end HIV

HIV Media Digest - 14 March 2014 - 7:36am
Uganda's anti-homosexuality laws are not only incredibly regressive, they could have far-reaching health implications of grave concern to Australia and the world, writes Jed Horner.

Only having sex with same-status partners is an HIV prevention strategy for 40% of gay men

Aidsmap - 12 March 2014 - 2:20am
A study from Seattle has found that only having sex with men of the same HIV status was by far the most common method of trying to avoid HIV in gay men who did not always use condoms, according to findings presented at the 21st Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI).

Sexually transmitted infections greatly increase the risk of HIV infection in pregnancy

Aidsmap - 11 March 2014 - 10:30pm
Pregnant women in Kenya have a similar risk of HIV infection during pregnancy to serodiscordant couples or sex workers, Dr John Kinuthia told the 21st Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) in Boston last week. In this prospective cohort study of pregnant and postpartum women in western Kenya, conducted between May 2011 and June 2013, more

Nipping HIV in the bud: could we use genotyping to interrupt transmission?

Aidsmap - 10 March 2014 - 5:00pm
The Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) this year heard a number of presentations on phylogenetic analysis – the use of genetic fingerprinting of HIV to trace patterns of transmission and prioritise groups for targeting prevention.If we take a sample of the genetic make-up of the virus of everyone diagnosed

Multi-Pronged Prevention Tactics Could Slash HIV Rates in IDUs

HIV Media Digest - 10 March 2014 - 7:07am
Tackling HIV prevention efforts among injection drug users (IDUs) with a multifaceted approach—including increased HIV testing and treatment as well as harm reduction and treatment for drug use—could cut new infections in this population by more than 60 percent by 2040 and save money overall.

Protected T-cells persist and proliferate in HIV gene therapy study

Aidsmap - 7 March 2014 - 10:40pm
Genetically modified CD4 T-cells lacking CCR5 co-receptors reach high levels in the body and are resistant to HIV infection, potentially enabling people to maintain a low viral load while off antiretroviral therapy (ART), according to the latest reports from studies evaluating Sangamo Biosciences' zinc finger technology. Pre-treating patients with the cancer chemotherapy drug cyclophosphamide

Early study results show promise of treatment as prevention

AFAO - 7 March 2014 - 6:00pm
Study investigators from the PARTNER Study reported on their preliminary findings at a conference in Boston earlier this week, stating that in the first two years of the study there were no cases of transmission within couples where the HIV-positive partner was on treatment and an undetectable viral load (less than 200 copies/ml)

HIV Transmission Bottleneck Offers Clue to HCV Epidemic in HIV MSM

HIV Media Digest - 7 March 2014 - 8:53am
The findings from 558-man analysis in the Swiss HIV Cohort Study support the hypothesis that frequent risky sex explains the recent spread of HCV among MSM because high-risk sex and an impaired mucosal barrier would contribute to a broad transmission bottleneck.

Red Cross and Red Crescent to Scale Up HIV Treatment Access

Poz - 6 March 2014 - 3:00pm
They signed a memorandum of understanding with UNAIDS.

Monkey studies confirm viability of injectable PrEP drug

Aidsmap - 5 March 2014 - 11:10pm
Two studies in monkeys of an injectable formulation of the third-generation integrase inhibitor drug GSK1265744 (GSK744LA, where LA stands for ‘long-acting’) have strengthened the evidence that it may work as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) in humans, and a phase II study in humans is starting soon.One of the studies presented yesterday at the 21st

No-one with an undetectable viral load, gay or heterosexual, transmits HIV in first two years of PARTNER study

Aidsmap - 5 March 2014 - 9:10am
The second large study to look at whether people with HIV become non-infectious if they are on antiretroviral therapy (ART) has found no cases where someone with a viral load under 200 copies/ml transmitted HIV, either by anal or vaginal sex.Statistical analysis shows that the maximum likely chance of transmission via anal sex

A cure may need multiple components, workshop delegates hear

Aidsmap - 4 March 2014 - 12:30pm
Delegates at the community cure workshop in advance of the 21st Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI 2014) in Boston might have been in a less hopeful frame of mind than they had been seven months previously when, at the International AIDS Society conference in Kuala Lumpur, it looked as if two more

Young gay men are avoiding testing for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, a new study reveals

HIV Media Digest - 27 February 2014 - 6:46am
One third of young gay men have never been tested for HIV or other sexually transmitted infections despite the fact that they are increasingly likely to have unprotected sex with casual partners.

Community champions say 'test more' to end HIV by 2020

HIV Media Digest - 21 February 2014 - 9:15am
Watch this 2 minute video featuring passionate members from inside the creative, health, research and LGBTI communities, including Olympic Champion Matthew Mitcham.

Extra 250,000 HIV tests per year 'would slash rates of infection'

HIV Media Digest - 21 February 2014 - 8:48am
Doctors must conduct 250,000 extra HIV tests per year to seize a “once in a generation opportunity” to slash infection rates, experts warn.

HIV treatment as prevention: the experience in British Columbia

Aidsmap - 19 February 2014 - 8:30pm
Expanded coverage of HIV therapy in British Columbia has been accompanied by a 42% reduction in HIV incidence and 80% reductions in the incidence of both AIDS and HIV-related mortality, investigators report in PLOS ONE. “Our results show that HAART [highly active antiretroviral therapy] expansion in BC [British Columbia] between 1996 and 2012 was strongly and

Roche announces launch of the Dual Target HIV-1 Qualitative Test

HIV Media Digest - 19 February 2014 - 7:44am
New test will help increase access for early infant HIV diagnosis.

Truvada PrEP does not harm the kidneys, trial shows

Aidsmap - 18 February 2014 - 8:20pm
HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) with FTC/tenofovir (Truvada) is associated with only mild disturbances in kidney function, investigators report in the online edition of AIDS. Creatinine clearance declined slightly but significantly four weeks after starting therapy with Truvada and this decline persisted for the duration of treatment. However, kidney function returned to normal after treatment was stopped. The

Grindr hooks up with HIV Foundation for safer sex

HIV Media Digest - 14 February 2014 - 9:37am
BRISBANE: HIV Foundation Queensland and male dating app Grindr are hooking up to spread the message about safe sex among Grindr users.

UNAIDS and Lancet Commission to put forward recommendations on AIDS and global health for the post-2015 debate

HIV Media Digest - 14 February 2014 - 8:45am
The UNAIDS and Lancet Commission: Defeating AIDS – Advancing global health is meeting in London on the future of AIDS and global health in the post-2015 era—the recommendations will be published in The Lancet later this year.
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