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PATSINPositive Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Network. A NAPWA-auspiced national membership-based network of Indigenous people living with HIV/AIDS. is the Positive Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Network.  A national network of Indigenous Australians living with HIV and representing the formalisation of a supportive Aboriginal and Torres Stait Islander HIV positive network that has existed as long as the epidemic in Australia.  

Formalised in June 2003 at a meeting in Adelaide, PATSINIndigenous Positive Network. Now known as PATSIN (Positive Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Network).'s Associate Membership with NAPWA was endorsed by a Special Resolution of the NAPWA Membership in Cairns in October 2003. 

PATSIN members recognise the diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and undertake to provide culturally valid representation, advocacy, peer support and information sharing among all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander HIV positive people.

The PATSIN Convenor can be contacted using the NAPWA contact page.

Vale Rodney Junga-Williams

Story • Scott Lockhart • 9 February 2012

Rodney Junga-Williams, a passionate advocate for indigenous Australians living with HIV, died in Sydney on 24 November 2011. read more »

Vale Dennis Martin

Positive Living article • Adrian Ogier • 4 December 2009
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

NAPWHA acknowleges the passing of Dennis Martin and the important contribution he made to the Positive Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Network (PATSINPositive Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Network. A NAPWHA-auspiced national membership-based network of Indigenous people living with HIV/AIDS.). read more »

Black, gay and proud

Positive Living article • Wilo Muwadda • 5 June 2009

Black, gay and proud – this is Wilo Muwadda today. And it will be him tomorrow. But it was not always the case. read more »

TV star's gift to Indigenous people with HIV

Media release • 27 March 2007

TV star Erika Heynatz has helped support a landmark cultural project to raise awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living with HIV/AIDS. read more »

‘Two Songs for Healing’

Media release • 13 September 2006

A landmark musical collaboration highlighting the impact of HIV/AIDS on Australia’s indigenous communities will be launched this week. read more »

Two songs for healing

Story • 16 August 2006

We are proud to present the CD Two Songs for Healing, our first fundraising project of awareness, dedicated to all those who have lived, loved and lost loved ones to HIV/AIDS. read more »

Indigenous Convenor's Report -- April 2006

Report • Terrilee Simpson • 30 April 2006

Report from the Indigenous Portfolio to the NAPWHA Special General Meeting held on 29-30 April 2006. read more »

One year on: Indigenous network celebrates first birthday

Positive Living article • Paul Kidd • 15 April 2004

The virusA small infective organism which is incapable of reproducing outside a host cell. may not discriminate between race, colour or gender, but cultural and economic differences can mean that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people — and their communities — experience the HIV epidemic in markedly different ways to other Australians. read more »

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